We've got some really good people working here, and we do a lot of things. From publishing and creative services to events management and sales, we provide the full range of commercial communications and can help generate revenue too.

How we think is as important as what we do. We can really add value to your operations with our collective brainpower as well as our individual skills. Working with Barker Brooks is about harnessing the experience and ideas of an energetic group of talented individuals who will make your objectives our own. Quality comes as standard.

That's our starting point. We know we can help you, and we enjoy working out how best to do it – and then putting the strategy into action. Please have a look around our website, and get in touch if you'd like to discuss your needs.

We work across media. We plan and build communication channels. We are known for our creative output, and we bring a commercial perspective to every activity. We do whatever we need to do to achieve your objectives. We don't like to pigeon-hole our services because everyone needs something different. But if you want a traditional list, here it is (you can find more info by clicking on each):


We're a contract publisher for several prestigious institutions, including the National Association of Pension Funds, the CFA Society of the UK and the Nuclear Institute. We write, design, edit, finish and print; and we produce our own publications too. More >>


We raise millions each year for our clients. We have a great sales team with boundless energy and business acumen, and a huge database of national and international contacts. Entrepreneurial drive is in our blood. More >>


We organise top-flight conferences, glittering awards ceremonies and more, doing it all ourselves or integrating with client teams as required. We have worked on successful events all over the world. More >>


We understand the latest technology so you don't have to. We produce websites, smartphone apps, e-digests, digital marketing campaigns and anything else you can find on a screen. We'll get you site traffic with SEO, too. More >>


We use all of our different skills to find ways of raising your profile and honing your image. We do everything from traditional company rebrands to striking creative campaigns and way-out-there thought leadership initiatives, and we make them work. More >>

Barker Brooks handle every aspect of magazine production from conception to delivery, and can lead from the front or support in the background, depending on what you need.

Our inhouse team of writers, editors and designers are talented, experienced and versatile – we work with top-flight professional institutes, but we also produce material for the youth market (variety's the spice of life, and all that).

We're used to taking on bigger projects too, like yearbooks and directories, and we can offer some interesting technology (XML database integration etc) which can hugely improve efficiency on this sort of project.

Finally our production department have excellent relationships with many different printers and mailing houses, so we can source very competitive prices and pass on the savings to our clients.

For more information about publishing please fill out the form on our Contact section or call us on 0844 858 2890.

Sales has been at the core of our operations since the very beginning, and remains central to our company culture. Our aim is always to increase revenue for our clients. Our energetic and motivated salespeople are experts at finding advertisers and sponsors for the magazines we produce and the events we run, and they maintain literally thousands of personal contacts across various industries. We're not afraid of working in new markets, either – witness our success with the Nuclear Institute, for example.

Not for us the call centre high pressure hard-sell, though. When we work on behalf of a client, we become an extension of that client's business, and their standards and reputation remain of paramount importance at all times. Successful sales depends on creating long term relationships from which everybody benefits, then maximising their value for all concerned. This takes vision, commitment, empathy and creativity, and we have all of those in spades.

If you'd like to discuss how we can raise money for you through sales and sponsorship then please do get in touch via our Contact section or call us on 0844 858 2890.

The most important part of our events offering is simple: it's your peace of mind. If you've got hundreds of delegates turning up for two days at Old Trafford, or a handful of VIPs coming together for an exclusive function in Geneva, or indeed people from all over the world mixing business and pleasure at a luxury resort in Mauritius, the last thing you want to do is worry about logistics. That's what we're there for, and we're a very safe pair of hands indeed.

You can probably find other companies who'd give you a lower quote for their event services, but we don't believe you'll find anyone more competent or conscientious. We handle every aspect of national and international event management, from sourcing venues and negotiating the best deals with suppliers, to marketing and delegate bookings, to speaker and exhibitor liaison, and we can run the whole event on the day too.

If you're thinking of putting on an event and would like to discuss how we can help, then please do get in touch via our Contact section or call us on 0844 858 2890.

It's all very well putting up a pretty website, but that in itself isn't a digital strategy. We always want to understand the big picture before we start to fill in the details. What do you want to achieve? Who are you trying to reach? What will they be reading on? What happens when the project launches? How can you measure your ROI?

It's only by understanding your objectives – or maybe even helping you to define them in the first place – that we can work with our team to deploy the right technology in the right way, and incorporate it into a digital strategy that really works.

It's about more than just talk, though. We have a rock-solid technical foundation encompassing all the latest digital protocols, from HTML5 to CSS3; and skills ranging from app creation and XML tagging to Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click campaigns. Our design team make things look great too, and then our marketing people can help spread the word.

If you'd like to talk to us about anything to do with digital services then please do get in touch via our Contact section or call us on 0844 858 2890.

We have an edge when it comes to marketing. Why? Well, as a business who creates and maintains a range of media channels across several industries, we live and breathe content and communication. We're also on the receiving end of other people's marketing – and we know what works and what doesn't. As far as our marketing offering goes, we're like a gamekeeper turned poacher.

We start with the fundamentals – your brand. We can brush up an existing one, create a new one from scratch, or leave it alone completely if it's already working properly. Then there's campaigning, which starts with defining what it is you want to achieve and carries on through to meaningful activation of your campaign. This can lead down any number of routes, from increasing general brand awareness to targeting particular market sectors, or from gaining a better understanding of your customers to a clearer picture of the competition – or most often, a combination of several different exercises.

Then our writers, designers, digital specialists, social media bods and industry experts pool their resources as required – and get to work.

If you'd like to find out how we can help you with effective marketing, please get in touch via our Contact section or call us on 0844 858 2890.

Barker Brooks Communications Ltd is a team of exceptional individuals, and we're all dedicated to the continuing growth and success of the company. People at Barker Brooks tend to be lively, self-motivated and resourceful, and nobody has a monopoly on good ideas. Nobody is just a cog in the machine, either.

Collectively we have an impressive skills base. Our number includes expert salespeople, journalists, designers, print and production specialists, digital, marketing and PR professionals and event planners; and there is a great deal of collaboration between individuals and across departments. We like what we do, and doing it well.

Click on any picture to meet the team and get in touch.

Les Charneca Chairman

Les Charneca


E-mail: les@barkerbrooks.co.uk
Tel: 0844 858 2890

Les is a tricky man to sum up. 'Motivation and hair, both in abundance!' is what it says on LinkedIn, which is a pretty good short version. The longer one would probably mention more than 20 years of experience in publishing, marketing, sales, property investment and a host of other entrepreneurial activity. Blessed with a unique ability to cut to the chase, and a straightforward approach that gets things done; Les also lives inside strategy and figures the way a fish lives in the sea.

Much to the envy of his colleagues, Les divides his time between Harrogate and Chamonix. When he's not devoting his abundant energy to business matters, he can usually be found snowboarding, mountain biking, racing Ferraris or headbanging along to a disturbing selection of dubious glam metal throwbacks.

Evan Jeffries Creative Services Director

Evan Jeffries

Creative Services Director

E-mail: evan@barkerbrooks.co.uk
Tel: 0844 858 2890

Evan is in charge of our creative output, which means he has a hand in pretty much everything we produce. He's good at clear communication and strategic thinking, and uses his red pen a lot. A journalist and editor by trade, he's been with Barker Brooks since the company's very earliest days.

Out of work Evan used to spend his time on things like walking, wild camping, live music and going to interesting places, but he's now the besotted sleepy father of two young daughters and has to settle for staying in, reading Julia Donaldson books, and enjoying a good bottle of wine now and again.

Gaye Wright Operations Director

Gaye Wright

Operations Director

E-mail: gaye@pelgrp.com
Tel: 0844 858 2890

Gaye is the walking definition of the term 'Lynchpin' – or as Google put it when we checked, "A central cohesive source of support and stability". Her primary functions are finance, production, people, admin and – well, Operations; but there's pretty much nothing going on here that she's not involved in in one way or another. She also has the unenviable task of keeping a handle on the force of nature that is our Chairman Les.

Gaye's a rock-solid pair of hands whose capability and professionalism are matched only by her unbridled sense of humour, which is essential if anyone expects to stay sane doing her job. Away from the desk she's a demon on the tennis court, and knows quite a bit about rabbits too.

Victoria Johnson Associate Director, Sales

Victoria Johnson

Associate Director, Sales

E-mail: victoria.johnson@barkerbrooks.co.uk
Tel: 0844 858 2890

Victoria is a highly experienced publishing and events salesperson, with particular experience of the legal and high net worth worlds. As her job title suggests, she heads up the team in the sales department and sits on the board. Additionally, in a former life she was in charge of marketing a design company, so she's well placed to act as our Client Services Manager. She provides a single point of contact for several of our key accounts, overseeing the coordination and smooth running of whatever services we're providing in each instance. She also finds time to roll her sleeves up and sell on some of our most important products.

Victoria has two kids, and she likes her steak rare.

Laura Pollard Head of Events

Laura Pollard

Head of Events

E-mail: laura.pollard@barkerbrooks.co.uk
Tel: 0844 858 2890

Laura heads up our events department, and is responsible for everything from marshalling 450 international lawyers around a luxury Singapore hotel and ensuring they have a successful 3-day conference, to choosing whether to start with the artichokes or the smoked salmon. With a background in events and radio, she brings a well balanced mix of creativity, commercialism and good old fashioned common sense to what can be a very demanding role.

Out of the office she's a French-speaking chocolate-loving horsewoman whose gentle manner belies a steely survival instinct that gets her through some heavy physical challenges - most recently a triathlon.

Marek Handzel Head of Editorial

Marek Handzel

Head of Editorial

E-mail: marek.handzel@barkerbrooks.co.uk
Tel: 0844 858 2890

Marek is the editor of various inhouse publications here at Barker Brooks, including Claims Magazine and the Leeds & Yorkshire Lawyer. After building up many years' experience of professional services B2B journalism in London, he had the good sense to move up to Yorkshire with his young family and carry on his career in the cleaner (though admittedly colder) air that whistles around these parts.

Outside work Marek is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, which will presumably come in handy as he rears his children.

Lucy Taylor Head of Design

Lucy Taylor

Head of Design

E-mail: lucy.taylor@barkerbrooks.co.uk
Tel: 0844 858 2890

Lucy is our graphic design supremo, and oversees all our visual output from magazines to marketing material. She's very hands-on, and has an all-round capability that takes in everything from blue chip corporate to fresh and funky youth lifestyle. She also manages artwork, supervises our reprographics, and spends many long evenings uploading finished publications to the printer.

A Yorkshire lass born and bred, Lucy enjoys getting out and about in God's Own County, although she escapes to the Lake District whenever she gets the chance. She has a very soft spot for her young nieces, and finds it hard to say No if someone suggests a trip to a spa.

Matt NG Editor

Matt Ng


E-mail: matt@pelgrp.com
Tel: 0844 858 2890

Manchester-born Matt graduated from Lancaster University with a Combined Science degree in 2003, where he found his calling in journalism while writing for the student newspaper. A Postgraduate Diploma in Magazine Journalism followed, and we quickly snapped him up after that to work across our medical portfolio. He's been here ever since.

Matt edits Orthopaedic Product News and Spinal Surgery News (in fact he created the latter). He's a lover of movies and steak (rare, of course), and depending on the time of year works up an appetite through hockey, fencing, snowboarding and softball.

David Lancaster Nuclear Institute

David Lancaster

Account Manager, Nuclear Institute

E-mail: david.lancaster@barkerbrooks.co.uk
Tel: 0844 858 2890

Before seeing the light and moving to Yorkshire, David had a long and successful career in London with A Major Publishing House. After working his way up the media sales ladder he became head of several key national accounts in both institutional and commercial fields, managing several teams of sales staff. A thoughtful and very intelligent professional, David excels at building high level relationships and developing a deep understanding of clients' business – this is of particular importance in a field like the nuclear industry, where he now specialises.

David's fluent French brings an air of Gallic sophistication to our sales environment, while outside the office he can often be found in the wilds of the Yorkshire Dales, volunteering on conservation projects.

Shaun Waddington, Account Manager Youth

Shaun Waddington

Account Manager, Youth Division

E-mail: shaun.waddington@barkerbrooks.co.uk
Tel: 0844 858 2890

Shaun has taken The Apprenticeship Guide by storm since joining Barker Brooks a couple of years ago, and has done a great deal to put it where it is today, proudly bestriding the worlds of print, internet and smartphone. A talented and passionate salesperson who has done his time in the big hard pressure environments, Shaun also has strong project management experience under his belt which he has put to great use at Barker Brooks.

One of the few people on our team who moved south not north to join us, Shaun used to be a keen campanologist, and once had Sunday lunch with David Jason and Nicola Padgett.

Sarah Palmer, Account Manager NAPF

Sarah Palmer

Account Manager, NAPF

E-mail: sarah.palmer@barkerbrooks.co.uk
Tel: 0844 858 2890

Sarah is another member of the Barker Brooks team who's been here a long time – ever since we snapped her up straight out of uni as a fresh first-class honours graduate, in fact. Since joining she's excelled in the sales department, and has since risen through the ranks to manage sales across all areas of our NAPF account. Sarah is particularly good at coordinating major cross-media campaigns for key clients, and her academic background in marketing brings a useful extra perspective to her work.

Sarah is a gifted and prolific baker of cupcakes, which frequently appear in our kitchen to brighten up the greyest of days. Appropriately enough she has a cat called Cookie. (And one called Sooty too.)

 Paul Bunce, Events sales & Subscriptions Manager

Paul Bunce

Event Sales & Subscriptions Manager

E-mail: paul.bunce@barkerbrooks.co.uk
Tel: 0844 858 2890

At first glance, there may not be an obvious connection between the two parts of Paul's role – but both involve niche areas and an understanding of how Barker Brooks' services can help busy professionals in their working lives.

Paul has a strong sales CV, which he usefully broadened when he spent time working with Laura in our Events department. His experience of these two areas coupled with his energy and commitment to the cause meant he was the ideal candidate to head up our delegate sales function, and the results he achieves speak for themselves. More recently Paul has also taken on the management of our subscriptions department.

One of several southern emigrés working at Barker Brooks, Paul brought with him a lifelong passion for Arsenal FC (much to our puzzlement), and has his sights set on completing the Yorkshire Marathon.

Rosie Beattie Project Executive

Rosie Beattie

Project Executive, Leeds & Yorkshire Lawyer magazine

E-mail: rosie.beattie@barkerbrooks.co.uk
Tel: 0844 858 2890

Rosie embodies the ethos with which we approach our sales at Barker Brooks. Hardworking and dedicated, she has great relationships with the many and varied clients she's brought into our Leeds & Yorkshire legal portfolio. Rosie's perseverance and determination to succeed is complemented by a commitment to looking after the interests of her clients, which is how all the best relationships are created and maintained. She's been with us for a while now, but even today she still holds the record for the best ever monthly sales at her previous employer.

Rosie's a seasoned traveller who, if the stories are to be believed, likes doing something called 'partying'…

Robbie Hall Project Executive

Robbie Hall

Project Executive, Medical Division

E-mail: robbie.hall@barkerbrooks.co.uk
Tel: 0844 858 2890

Robbie brought a huge amount of experience when he joined us. He has a solid background in publishing sales across a range of industries, with a particular interest in managing new accounts and supervising teams, and was the perfect choice to manage our medical portfolio. Robbie's now responsible for sales on OPN, JAP, OGMN and SSN.

Robbie knows how to do more than sales, too – earlier in his career he gained a lot of valuable business understanding through managing a series of very trendy cocktail bars down in London.

Before the cocktail days Robbie's CV is quite remarkable, including stints as a TV presenter in Australia and a couple of appearances 'as the boyfriend in those Special K ads'. We can safely say no one else working at Barker Brooks has done either of these things.

Malcolm Lewis Project Executive

Malcolm Lewis

Client Relationship Manager, Claims portfolio

E-mail: malcolm.lewis@barkerbrooks.co.uk
Tel: 0844 858 2890

A hugely experienced salesperson, Mal heads up our Claims portfolio. He started at the Yorkshire Post – which is probably the best sales apprenticeship in the business – before being drawn to the bright lights of London to further his sales career with the likes of BAFTA and the Good Ski Guide. While media of all kinds is Mal's strongest suit, he's also done time recruiting for Magic Circle law firms and working in international humanitarian aid. As you do.

Thankfully Mal decided to put London behind him, and has now returned to his Yorkshire roots to be a family man with his three sons. He's into his music, too, and you'll often find him behind the decks at various events up and down the country.

Tom Grant Project Executive

Tom Grant

Project Executive, Medical Division

E-mail: tom.grant@barkerbrooks.co.uk
Tel: 0844 858 2890

When we received Tom's application for a sales role at Barker Brooks, one look at his CV and covering letter told us he'd be a success. So we tried our best to throw him by interviewing him in the pub (wisely, he had an orange juice). He did a good job of appearing unfazed by the experience and answered even our weirdest questions with consistently thoughtful composure.

Today he deploys his solid background and lively intellect across several projects, mainly specialising in medical publications but with an ever-growing understanding of the high net worth sector.

A devoted dad who has somehow retained a lifelong loyalty to Leeds United, Tom looks a bit like a slimmed-down Gary Barlow. He'll claim he doesn't, but he does.

Alex Gray Account Executive

Alex Gray

Account Executive, NAPF

E-mail: alex.gray@barkerbrooks.co.uk
Tel: 0844 858 2890

Alex joined Barker Brooks after developing his sales skills working for the national IT infrastructure company who are based just across the car park. This gave him invaluable background knowledge of all things digital, and he's played a useful role in helping us to plan some of our commercial strategies in that department.

Alex soon learnt about more traditional publishing models too, and now combines both areas of work in his role working under Sarah on the NAPF account. His broad knowledge-base means he's well placed to put together the bigger packages work with the NAPF frequently entails.

Anyone who played rugby in their younger days will remember the horror of seeing someone as tall as Alex bearing down on them. When he's not playing for Market Harborough RFC, he's mostly a pacifist with an interest in making cider.

Jacques Clarkson Subscriptions Executive

Jacques Clarkson

Subscriptions Executive

E-mail: jacques.clarkson@barkerbrooks.co.uk
Tel: 0844 858 2890

Jacques sells subscriptions on several of our inhouse publications, including the Apprenticeship Guide and Claims Magazine. He's not old enough to have had lots of jobs before this one, so he's built up a lot of his skills while here at Barker Brooks – and it's been a pleasure to watch him develop into a hardworking well organised professional. Jacques is always cheerful and full of energy – it's like having a six foot tall blond puppy bounding around the place – but he also knows how to knuckle down and channel that energy into getting a job done.

Jacques' signature dish is beans on toast with tuna and cheese, and rumour has it that he can occasionally be spotted in one of Harrogate's many genteel hostelries on a Friday night.

Jessica Horton Graphic Designer

Jessica Horton

Graphic Designer

E-mail: jessica.horton@barkerbrooks.co.uk
Tel: 0844 858 2890

Jess is a talented and versatile designer who works across every part of the Barker Brooks creative portfolio. Although she's perfectly capable of spending hours producing intricately beautiful artwork, she's very good at focusing on the particular requirements of the job in hand and getting it done swiftly, practically and effectively. Like most Mac enthusiasts Jess enjoys learning clever new things to do with her machine, and we've often benefited from her ever-expanding knowledge.

When Jess' job was advertised, we had more than 100 applicants – and we're happy we picked the best one. Interestingly, the historical record shows that if anything goes wrong with our washing machine Jess can fix it with only a butter knife and a baking tray. Probably.

Sophie Dilley Assistant Editor

Sophie Dilley

Assistant Editor

E-mail: sophie.dilley@barkerbrooks.co.uk
Tel: 0844 858 2890

With a fearsome eye for detail, encyclopaedic knowledge of proofreading esoterica and administrative powers that leave most mortals filled with awe, Sophie is an essential member of our editorial team. A long stint in scientific publishing gave her the rigour needed to edit on some of our more intellectually demanding projects; and she's also a versatile writer, perfectly at home producing copy on any subject we throw at her. Managing the production of our annual Apprenticeship Guide – in print, online and in the Appstore – is a great outlet for all of her skills.

Sophie is an impressively good runner in a modest kind of way, and has lately taken up a whole range of midlife-crisis-type adventure sports. Back in the day, a school caretaker had to cut her out of a fence after a handstand-related incident. The mind boggles.

Kami Kountcheva Editor

Kamelia Kountcheva


E-mail: kamelia@pelgrp.com
Tel: 0844 858 2890

Originally hailing from Bulgaria, Kami studied at the University of Sheffield, where she gained her undergraduate degree in Animal Behaviour, as well as a master's in Magazine Journalism. Thereafter, she had the good sense to stick around in Yorkshire, and with her unique expertise we set her to work looking after our medical titles.

A creative cat at heart, when she's not editing Obs Gynae & Midwifery News and the Journal of Anaesthesia Practice, she likes to play the guitar, reign supreme in games of badminton and peruse pictures of felines on the internet.

Katie Ashley

Katie Ashley

Accounts Executive

E-mail: katie.ashley@barkerbrooks.co.uk
Tel: 0844 858 2890

Katie looks after money here at Barker Brooks, which means she's a Very Important Person. From sending invoices to paying bills, from credit control to paying our salaries each month, she has a hand in most of the financial machinations that keep any company going. Obviously she has a strong background in accounts, but she's also a lot easier to get on with than some of the more frightening types you sometimes find in similar positions, which is appreciated by everyone she deals with...

We also deeply appreciate Katie's baking skills, which find arguably their purest expression in her legendary brownies. She doesn't have a dog, but if she did she'd have a pug called Dave.

Helen Gibson Events Executive

Helen Gibson

Events Executive

E-mail: helen@barkerbrooks.co.uk
Tel: 0844 858 2890

Helen has been with us for a long, long time and has done a lot of different things over the years – that's a testament to her versatility and many capabilities. As office manager (and former primary school prefect) she ruled us all with a rod of iron, a skill that transferred neatly when she added a role in credit control to her other duties.

In the end though, after helping out at various functions we were managing, Helen realised that the glitter and glamour of our Events department was the place for her, and she's been helping Laura keep things running smoothly ever since.

Helen has read many of the best books that have ever been written, cooks like an angel, and wishes that Australia was at least 10,000 miles less far away.

Sue Craven Administration

Sue Craven


E-mail: sue.craven@barkerbrooks.co.uk
Tel: 0844 858 2890

Sue is one of our longest-serving people, joining us back in 2005 after a successful career in retail management and human resources (and, somewhat unusually, a more recent period as a lollipop lady). Primarily responsible for managing our databases and distribution, Sue also oversees our Circuit Guides while finding a hundred other ways of being useful around the place.

Outside the office Sue's a busy mum who manages to fit in an impressive amount of volunteering, the girl guides being one of the main beneficiaries. She's also a member of a ladies' pub quiz team – she can sing along to all the music but claims never to know the answers…

New Job

Could this be you?

Jobs at Barker Brooks

E-mail: info@barkerbrooks.co.uk
Tel: 0844 858 2890

While we often recruit for specific positions through the usual channels, we're always keen to hear from talented people who think they have what it takes to join our team. If you're really good at what you do and are looking for a new challenge, then why not send us your CV and a covering letter telling us a bit about yourself? Please email them to info@barkerbrooks.co.uk, and we'll get back to you.

This could be the start of a beautiful relationship...

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